Pool Filters Question Answered


So, how often should I be cleaning my pool filter cartridge anyway?



  Typical New Pool Filter Cartridges


Well as you probably know, the standard pool filter cartridge is made up of paper pleats.  And, these pleats (or filter media, in industry speak) capture the debris that your skimmer basket and pump basket miss.


So back to the question…when or how often should a pool filter cartridge be cleaned?


The answer really depends on a couple of factors”

  • Is it a commercial pool or a home pool?
  • How much is the pool used?


Let’s look at these questions.  On a commercial pool, the answer is easy.  You look at the flow rate.  When the flow rate starts dropping, it’s usually a sign that the pool filter needs cleaning.  Remember, here in Florida, the Florida Department of Health checks flow rate on their pool inspections.


On a home or residential type of swimming pool, the answer depends a lot on the frequency of pool use.  So here’s what you can do.  Most pool filters have a pressure gauge mounted somewhere on the pool filter assembly.  Use this pressure gauge as a guide.  For example, if you install a new pool filter cartridge, the initial pressure may be something like 8 psi.  So, when the pressure rises 8 to 10 psi above that level, it’s time to clean the pool filter.


Conclusion:  The pool filter is a critical part of your swimming pool equipment package, so remember to regularly clean your pool filter.


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