“HELP!….There’s ants in my pool!”

Another Amazing Tale from the Annals of Pool XPerts USA

An anxious call came in a few weeks ago..“HELP!….There’s ants in my pool!”

A bit credulous, we inquired further….Are you sure, they are actually in the pool water? we asked..thinking maybe the caller was seeing insect on the pool deck.  I graciously reminded the caller that ants don’t typically go swimming…so….?

“Yes, when we turn on the Spa Jets, they come shooting out”…”  …” shooting out right into the middle of the spa, on all sides!”

.Ah ha..so, the reported ants are actually in your spa, and you only see them when you turn on the therapy jets….hmm…now we are intrigued.

We dispatched our repair team, questioned our service tech, and contemplated a bit.  And then, it hit us…

This spa uses air intake lines to provide air bubbles when the therapy jets are turned on.  A bit more investigation and we learned a new ant colony had set up shop close by.   We suspected some ants were migrating to the spa intake tubes.   We notified the property manager of our suspicions (this is a commercial pool location) and sure enough, the insect control technician verified our theory…and treated the new inhabitants promptly.

Conclusion: NO MORE Ants in the SPA!

p.s. if you see ants in your pool or spa, check out any air vents or air intake lines for therapy jets!

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