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2009-01-15 09:08

Commercial Pool and Spa Owners Are Confused about New Regulations

Is compliance expensive and difficult?

BROWARD, FL. —January 15, 2009 — Many of Florida’s commercial pool owners are confused about the new requirements under the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. It’s not surprising. They need to navigate and understand federal and state standards which include the submission of extensive paperwork. They also are receiving conflicting information from pool companies and the media.

For example, in a recent article in South Florida Sun-Sentinel, they quoted a woman whose company manages retirement communities in South Florida. She said, “We have no idea yet how much it will be, but it’s going to cost these people a fortune. They will have to drain the pools down to do the installation.”

Many commercial pool owners, like those interviewed for the Sun-Sentinel article, have not achieved compliance because they’re worried that it’s too expensive and too difficult. Jim Gibson, the owner of Pool-X-Perts, a South Florida Pool Company says that usually these concerns are unfounded. He explains, “My company specializes in commercial pool maintenance. We’ve found that a typical pool with one drain cover to replace costs only $272.99 and that’s including labor.  And of the dozens of drains we’ve replaced, we’ve never had to drain the pool.”

Replacing the drain cover is a relatively simple step to reach federal compliance. However, pools with direct suction have the additional requirement of upgrading to a federally compliant drain system. If proposed Florida state legislation now being considered is passed, direct suction pools will have to meet additional state requirements.

Jim Gibson recommends that commercial pool owners take the time to familiarize themselves with new regulations and their best options to achieve compliance. Pool-X-Perts has been proactive to ensure that their customers are well-informed regarding the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act as well as the latest Florida state requirements.

Commercial owners and operators of pools and spas can learn more about federal and state pool safety standards and how to comply at

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One Response to Confused about new regulations?

  • Our senior condo complex association board is going against the regulationsby not getting the required 2/3 vote to replace the pool. I have advised them they need it handicap acessable and bathrooms that we do not have according to Fl code but they said, “we will deal with that when the time comes” we do not have the reserves to cover this. I can’t find a copy of the code. Where can I get just that part?

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